Combined Dental Agreement

A registration form must be completed on the patient`s first visit – it must be filled out by both the patient and the dentist. (The registration form is unchanged from previous years) Oral medicine services for youth from Grade 9 to 18 are suitable for free dental care. Ministry of Education “Occupy License” for CDA contractors who use classrooms to provide dental services to youth. Titanium Solutions provides sophisticated dental software solutions worldwide for large organizations such as public oral health services, dental schools, dental practices and health insurance funds. With the flexibility of the Titanium product suite and our desire to adapt it individually if necessary, Titanium Solutions offers you a solution tailored to your business. Check your consent to verify the full definitions, conditions and conditions of the services provided under the CDA and used for payment. The operational guidelines of each agreement contain guidelines for implementation. Special dental care applies to children and adolescents under the age of 18 who are entitled to free dental care. DHB-funded oral health services for youth (grades 9 to 18) and special dental services for children and adolescents are provided under the CDA`s standardized national agreement. Our continued investment in research and development ensures that Titanium Solutions is always at the forefront of providing the best in dental software and technologies. Research, including applied clinical, non-clinical, epidemiological or operational research: applications for the 2020 scholarship cycle are now complete. Do you have a community, academic or practical research project that needs funding? . If you can`t download forms from the website and you need additional forms, call Sector Operations on 0800 855 066, option 2 – you need to provide your recipient number.

The forms are free. The annual processing report form (HP5954) has been discontinued. Do not use this form for services provided after June 30, 2016. Instead, use the Individual Processing Report Form (HP5953) for consulting and treatment services. If the patient is taught at home, is in correspondence school, at Polytech, is unemployed or working, use the average rates (decile 4-6).