Housemaid Contract Agreement India

We have attached here a typical employment contract for you that many of our clients consider useful. See if it fits your needs. Or use it as the basis for designing your own contract. It will also contribute to the organization, to some extent, of the disorganized work. Normally, we do not sign an employment or employment contract with our domestic workers. It is because we believe, and to some extent rightly, that it is not feasible to regulate specific aspects of domestic work, such as specific hours of work and work done. In India in particular, domestic aid workers have, to some extent, an informal relationship with their employer. The employer and the worker often turn away to house each other. The Indian Government`s Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs has decided to introduce changes to the service agreements for housekeepers to be transferred from India to Oman from 20 June 2011. Similar changes have been introduced in other parts of the region.

The amendments are intended to protect housekeepers from abuse and to provide Omani households with skilled labour. The changes were also communicated to the Ministry of Labour by the Indian Embassy. The issue was also discussed between representatives of the Indian Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs and the Omani Ministry of Labour at a joint working group meeting as part of the labour agreement reached between the two countries last month. The changes are as follows: We, at Helper4U, as well as NDWM (National Domestic Workers Movement) and the ILO, encourage you to sign an extended employment contract while hiring a domestic worker and ABCDE: Aya, Bai, Cook, Driver, and all the other similar to avoid quarrels and frustrations at a later date, for both parties. This contract of employment with domestic workers should not be a legal document. It can only define the assistant`s expectations in terms of work, job description, roles and responsibilities, schedules, rules for taking leave, etc. It can also list your expectations regarding salary, authorized sheets, bonuses, working conditions, etc. Most domestic worker placement agencies today use an employment or employment contract in one way or another to ensure a minimum of conflict at each stage. If you are an agency, this contract can be very useful.