Life and Death and Perspective

I just saw an amazing video and want to share it with you.  It started by asking:  What if you died, right now?

After a few more statements about your being dead and that it wasn’t painful — but, really, imagine that you are no longer alive — the video asked a few more questions.  What did you love about your life?  What were the best things you did while you were alive?  What would you do if you could live again?  Stuff like that.

Then, the video brought you back.  It asked you to breathe out and hold your breath for 5 seconds.  Then, it said breathe in your new life.  And it asked you:  what you were going to do with your new life?

I keep harping that life is a journey, but I know most people blow that off.  But this is an in-your-face example of the possibilities you have while on your life journey.  The vast majority of human beings can’t, don’t or won’t look beyond themselves to see the possibilities.  Those of you who read this or have watched the video can start with a new perspective … right now.

Your life is what you make of it.  Happiness and success don’t come in dollars and things or even comfort.  Happiness comes from the inside out – not from expectations that society has put on you from the outside in.  What do you love?  How do you help?  Are you the best you can be – in order to be the best human you can be?  Young, old, sick or well, your life could be gone in a split second.  Have you done anything to help others or your planet?  Have you loved unconditionally?  Have you cared about strangers?  Have you sent help to the folks who’s lives were destroyed by hurricane, earthquake, flood or fire?  Remember, none of the things you have go with you when you die.

Get some perspective.  Let go and find joy.

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