Make it tasty – savory

When I began my new food journey, my diet was restricted but herbs and spices were not.  I quickly learned that you can replace a lot of oils and butters with low salt broths.  You can go easy on the sodium with herbs and spices.  And you don’t have to gnaw through tough meats because you’ve baked or broiled them.  There are two really underused methods of cooking: poaching and braising.  (and yes, there’s steaming, too).  But for now, I want to get you comfortable with herbs and spices.

So let’s make it tasty!  Certain herbs are also good for you, so start incorporating them.  These are oregano, garlic and turmeric.  I use them in everything.  If you have an herb garden, fresh thyme, rosemary, sage and basil are fabulous.  If you don’t, the dried ones work just as well — give them a little longer to release their flavor.  When I make any poultry dish, I always use sage, thyme, basil, oregano, garlic, onion, and turmeric — and sometimes other things, too.  With bison and beef, try curry powder in addition to the others.  For pork, I might add curry or cumin.  With fish, I like to use dill and citrus (either juices or zests).  Use them in proportions to how you like the taste.

Remember to go easy on the salt and pepper.  If you add them too soon, their flavor will not be strong on the tongue.  Just like sugar, salt should be a ‘top dressing’ to simply please the palate and not so much as to mess with your cell chemistry.

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