Notary Land Agreement

The involvement of a notary may be a legal requirement, but Paul is still concerned about the fees he will pay. What exactly are they? However, requesting the services of a notary is not just an obligation. Its commitment is beneficial for both the seller and the buyer. Other gentlemen, the stamp duty paid at the time of registration of the sales contract is paid to the total tax paid at the time of registration of the certificate of sale ??? Da Deal is single, but in two stages of agreement and act ….!!! Please inform of the corresponding deed with the corresponding Cluase/sub clau agreement on the sale and purchase, exchange or land donation will be the sales contract with the notary is registered for the specific performance of the contract ???? And the seller can be sued if refused to go with the conditions (registration and execution of the sales ice) of the sales agreement registered with the notary with regard to the specific benefit. ….???? Applicability is particularly important. As a former president of the Superior Council of Notariat put it, a notarial act “has the effects of a judgment and has an immediate effect.” This is a significant difference from the private agreements (without the participation of a notary) that must be the subject of a court`s decision to produce all the effects in the event of a dispute. In the case of the sale of real estate on Pas Geometrics (land reserved along the coast), an additional tax is divided into 20% of the value of the rental right in equal parts between the seller and the buyer. The notary also has a duty to ensure the effectiveness of the acts. In the event of a sale, it verifies that the seller does have a property right that can be freely transferred to the buyer. Among other things, he/she will ensure that there is no mortgage (or fixed and floating fees) on the property for sale.

The notary is also the advisor to his clients: “This is done on several levels,” Kolbach explains. Some customers come to us in advance, to find out when the best time is for sale. And then there is a whole series of tips on the marital status of the couple: the consequences of buying a real estate property are different depending on whether the couple is married, in partnership or simply with them. We also advise on the tax side: are they entitled to a tax credit? How do real estate capital gains work? And so on. Finally, if there is a mortgage problem, we advise the buyer and seller on the various options that are open to them. 1) Authenticated notarial sales agreement between the parties The main advantage of this type of contract is that, in most cases, it is closest to the will of the parties; it is considered a “near-sale.” Sellers and buyers who agree to sign a sales contract certainly intend to sell and buy firmly, but are not able to obtain a definitive agreement for reasons that are not under their control: unlocking a mortgage, authorization in progress, requesting financing, etc. Signing a sales contract usually involves paying 5% to 15% of the price in trust with the notary as a surety, which implies the buyer`s firm intention to buy the property. It is important to note that the principle of the free choice of the notary by clients is enshrined in the code of ethics of the notarial profession. Secondly, the documents of the property (property reserve, co-ownership rules, etc.) must be submitted to the notary for the necessary checks.

The notary will check whether the seller can freely sell his property and inform the buyer of any identified obstacles or legal risks – usually a mortgage on the property.