Hello, friends.  I just wanted to remind you that all good things that happen in wellness take time.  For the last few months I have been studying a number of topics regarding physical health, fitness and Qi (energy).  All of these aspects of our lives can get out of whack in modern society.  The important thing to remember is there is no magic pill or strategy that can quickly snap you back to optimal.  It takes time.

Qi energy will respond the fastest since it is all around and inside you (life energy).  But if it is blocked from optimal flow patterns by the body, it will take time for you to reteach your body to allow the proper alignment, breath, movement, etc., for it to return to natural flow.  Acupuncture and acupressure will help, but it is the individual’s conscious choice that will make this happen.  The benefits are many.

Mental and brain health are another aspect of our lives that often goes awry.  With all the stresses of daily life, how can it not?  If you are mindful and aware of something “off”, that is your cue to do something about it!  Most family doctors aren’t clued in to brain health issues, but if you are concerned or intrigued, I would recommend reading one of Dr. Daniel Amen’s books.  And check out is brain health information on the web and even trying some recipes in The Brain Warrior’s Way Cookbook which has recipes specifically targeting nutrition for brain health.  Dr. Amen’s work has been documented in helping to reverse damage to the brain, including that from Alziemer’s disease.

Physical fitness can be a daunting challenge.  No pain, no gain is no more.  Studies have found that exercise that causes pain while you’re doing it is damaging cells.  Don’t do it!  I am a certified TaijiFit instructor and I can attest that this slow, deliberate, beautiful form of movement will work wonders for the body – but again – not overnight.  It helps the body with all issues resulting from inflammation.  And that list is lengthy:  weight, cholesterol, high blood pressure, balance, range of motion – even PTSD!  How does it work?  Taken from ancient traditional Chinese Tai Chi Chuan, TaijiFit adds a soothing layer of wellness – participants are not required to learn any routine, nor is their ‘performance’ criticized in any way.  This movement form does not strain or stress.  It’s kind of like a self body/mind/spirit massage.  It has such good results that as of the 3rd quarter of 2019, the VA is offering TaijiFit to veterans – for free.  This program is starting on the east coast of the US and spreading west by region.  If you are interested, check the internet for updates.

The lesson today is patience.  Things that are ‘off’ didn’t get that way overnight (usually) and won’t be resolved overnight.  Often, we don’t even notice the small increments of improvement – but they will happen.  Be patient with yourself.  Being mindful of what is right is just as important as being mindful of what is wrong!  If you stress about not improving fast enough, you are undoing almost all of the energy and time you spent working toward wellness.  Be kind to yourself.  Take some deep breaths.  Learn what it feels like to feel better.

Why Reiki?

As an individual who feels their purpose in life it to help others, Reiki and I just seemed to be a natural fit. While many people who don’t know much about Reiki think it is mumbo-jumbo, it actually does have a basis in quantum physics and is not new-age crazy stuff.

Everything, including you and me, are made up of atoms. Atoms are made up of particles that are either positive (protons), negative (electrons) or neutral (neutrons). Additionally, the electrical attraction between this tiny particles, relatively speaking, travels quite a distance. Now, zoom out from that atomic window and think of a living body. It (you, me, your pet or even a tree) are made up of trillions of atoms existing in space and full of electrical attraction.

The term reiki comes from a generic translation of universal energy. It is very much like the Qi energy of Qigong and TaiChi Chuan and Prana in Yoga. And remember from science class: energy can’t be created or destroyed, it can only change form.

So here we are, energy beings in a physical form. Sometimes the energy in our bodies gets blocked or misdirected. We get sick or simply feel unwell. Reiki practitioners are here to help. Through our training, we understand how to help you reconnect with universal energy – to your highest good. No medicines, no weird exercises, no chemicals. Just energy. And we don’t even need to touch you to do it.

That is Reiki.

I’m adding my practice of Reiki to this blog because it is absolutely Good For You. If you think this is something you need or would like to try, you can find practitioners all over the world through the International Reiki Organization. I am listed there as well. If you feel the need for an in-person session, you should be able to find someone there. I practice distance Reiki (in the time of Covid), so I can access you anywhere.

As I have often said: you are more than the sum of your parts. Your energy defines how you feel – body, mind and spirit. If you’re looking for something that is Good For You, consider Reiki. And remember:

Life is a Journey – enjoy the ride!