The Licensing Agreement Data Provided To Microsoft Is Not Valid Server 2016

Click Return and make sure that the license details you provided on the previous screens are correct (licensing program, authorization number, license number, product version, license type, number of RDS cals). If you run the wizard to activate the server in the RD license (licmgr.exe), select the phone as the connection method, then select your country, and then call the phone number listed. Keep your license documents ready. A clearing house representative assists you in activating your server and installing your RDS CALs. I tried both automatic and Webbrowser methods (from my PC, just to eliminate firewall/proxy issues from the RDS server) – but all methods fail. Before I tried the last resort of calling MS and activating it that way, I thought I`d ask a question to see if anyone had any suggestions. The CAL version must match the software version of the server it accesses. Older versions of CALs cannot be used with the latest version of the server software, but RDS CALs of the newer version can be used with an earlier version of the server software. For more information on this VL briefing:

(the same information is valid for 2016) 10. Review the information you provided on the next screen and click Next. 11. Finally, copy the license key package id generated from the remote license site into the license installation wizard and click Next to activate the RDS cals. If activation fails again, continue activating RDS licenses over the phone (Method-3) The last method to install and activate RDS licenses on a Windows 2016 or Windows Server 2019 server is using your phone. To do this, you really need to update your 2016 “bits” to be aware of MPSA. I got a license package from – but it`s useless in this scenario. But I now have my 100 licenses displayed in my license manager. I cannot install user CALs on Windows Server 2012 R2 with an error message as below.

Any idea how I can install them? If I take all my information in, it says, “The license agreement data that is provided to Microsoft is invalid…