Total Wellness

There are a lot of self-help guidelines out there talking about wellness.  They suggest that your body be healthier.  That you relax your mind.  That you engage your spirit.  But few, if any, examine Total Wellness, the combination of physical, mental and spiritual health.

I had an experience such as this in the summer of 2016.  When the three aspects of my ‘self’ aligned it was an amazing experience that has stayed with me as I have made the effort to keep that healthy balance.  Once you understand what I’m talking about, you will truly question what ‘modern man’ has done to itself because the sum of your parts (in harmony) far exceeds the ‘health’ that we speak about today.  I will be the first to say that I am not ‘Enlightened’ as the Buddha would have described.  But, like a microscope that needs tiny adjustments vertically and horizontally to come into complete focus, you can experience a truly amazing brilliance to your being that cannot happen without that harmony.

In my book Good For You!, I use an analogy of a musical group or instrument seeking harmony.  Each voice or string brings itself into the correct note and the whole, when properly tuned, reverberates with far more energy than each individual note.  This is Total Wellness.

This blog is my gift to you to help achieve that goal.  You are free to take it or leave it.  You can call it crap, or a new way to see the world.  It doesn’t matter to me.  What does matter is that I am offering this to you.  Should you take what you need and it helps you, all the better.  But there are several aspects of this approach that you must understand and accept.

First.  Do not live in the yesterday.  The past is gone and cannot be changed.  The only positive thing about the past is that it did exist and you can learn from it.  For most of us, living in the past is like drinking something toxic.  Stop doing it.

Second.  Stop blaming.  There is no point.  First of all, blaming anything is living in the past.  Learn from mistakes, yes, but blaming is negative.  Seek out the positive.  Learning is positive.  Blaming is toxic.  Stop doing it.

Third.  Forgive.  Learning how to forgive is one of the most difficult things we can do for ourselves but it is necessary for total wellness.  Do not forget, but DO forgive.  If you can’t find forgiveness (for yourself or others) you are destined to relive the past and all its pain.  To forgive let’s that go and sets your spirit free.  Forgive.

Four.  Stop and think.  We no longer stop and think about anything — or else we overthink the minutia.  What are you eating?  Why are you eating it?  What are you doing?  Why are you doing it?  What are you feeling?  Why are you feeling it?  Get into the habit of asking yourself if you are making a conscious choice or going with the flow.  If you stop and think, it will save you from a lot of pain and negativity.  Stay away from those toxins.  Stop and think.

Five.  Widen your world view.  Many of us wear blinders and focus on the small things as if they are life and death issues.  A flat tire on the way to work can ruin your day – or not.  Widen your world view.  In the grand scheme of things will that flat tire mean anything in a year from now?  A century?  We worry needlessly about things over which we have no control.  This is negative and toxic to our psyche and spirit.  Widen your world view.  Will worrying ourselves into illness have any effect on what happens?  Realistically, no.  Worry is toxic.  Widen your world view.

And finally, for now, six.  Seek an understanding for your fellow man.  We, all seven billion of us, are related in so many ways.  It doesn’t matter that our countries are far apart, that our cultures differ, our beliefs and skin color are different.  We are all single units of a thing called humanity.  It is one of the most amazing things on our planet.  If we cultivate our similarities and accept our differences we will all be better off.  Stop thinking in terms of us and them.  It is toxic.  Learn to appreciate your fellow man.  We’re all in this together.

Good for you!

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