What Does Agreement Of Text And Reference List Mean

However, in scientific disciplines that use the APA style of author date citation, the purpose of the reference list is twofold: (a) it allows the author to appreciate the work of others who have directly influenced the present work and to document any facts that are not generally known; and (b) provide interested readers with the information necessary to identify and retrieve such sources. There is therefore no reason to include uncited sources in the reference list. 5 Ensure the accuracy and correspondence of items such as years and author names between citations in the text and reference lists. Jahre (e.B. Mott, 1997 in the text; Mott, 1999 in RL) Orthographe des noms d`auteurs (e.B. Kearny in the text, Kearney in RL) In general, any work cited in the text must appear in the reference list, and each work in the reference list must be cited in the text. Carefully review your work before submitting your manuscript or course assignment to ensure that no work cited in the text is missing from the reference list and vice versa, with the exception of the following exceptions. Information about works included in a reference list is covered in sections 2.12 and 8.4 of the APA Publication Manual, Seventh Edition Sometimes the style of the APA is less about the details of the citation than about the overview. For example, we recently heard from students who wanted to know why everything in the reference list should be cited in the text.

They argued that they had read many more books than they could cite and felt that they had not received full recognition for their work. 3 Inaccurate, inconsistent basic citation styles. Table 6.1, p. 177, illustrates the basic styles. “and” vs. “& ” Use of “et al.” Organize two or more works in parentheses “alphabetically in the same order in which they appear in the reference list” (Section 6.16, p. 177) Reference citations in text: The APA Style source citation system usually includes the author`s last name and publication date in parentheses in the article text. In text notes in parentheses, replace traditional footnotes or endnotes. Other documentation systems,.

B for example those based on the Chicago Manual of Style, use a bibliography instead of a list of references. A bibliography may be more comprehensive and cover works that have been consulted by the author or recommended for the reader, but are not cited in the text itself. However, if you write in the APA style, this type of bibliography is not an option. Keep these extra sources in mind for your next job and remember: quote what you use, use what you cite. There are certain types of works that are not included in a reference list. .